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Twas the Night before Vacation Rental Christmas

By Jan Covey
Published: 12/31/11 Topics: Comments:

Jan Covey is a hard working and energetic property manager owner of a ski area vacation rental management company located on the slopes of Washington State's Mount Rainier National Park. She wrote this rhyme during the overwhelmingly busy Christmas Holidays.

Mount Rainier National Park

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Every creature was stirring
Especially the mouse

I in my Carrharts, Katie and Margie dressed all in black
As we get all geared up for
With mountains of laundry
And dirty hot tubs galore,
And everywhere you looked
The messes were MORE..MORE..MORE!!

The schedule on the Website
Becomes our sacred Bible,
Or duty to clear ice off the steps
So we won't be held liable.

Here comes the Blue Sleigh
With all of the gear,
Full of smiling grandchildren all in good cheer!!
Armed with mops and buckets
And toilet paper and soap,
To get it all done is the CHRISTMAS HOPE !!

If we all just hang in there
One way or "tuther"
This busy season will pass
And we'll be on to another !!

Just keep trying to remember
The money we'll earn,
Every time we survive
Another "QUICK TURN" !!

And even though the team is usually joyful
With Margie the "MOTHER"
This is the season to try extra hard


Jan Covey, Sunspot Vacation Rentals

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Author: Jan Covey – Property Manager, Crystal Cabins
Blog #: 0200 – 12/31/11

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